Saturday, July 07, 2012

“Ready to teach the Church members in Giving” Nkhata

Kalondola Nkhata in the house

Nkhata (right) telling the house of his readiness

“Ready to teach the Church members in Giving” Nkhata.

The Newly appointed evangelist for the Malawi United Methodist Church, Kalondola Nkhata has announced his commitment to support the Council of Finance and Administration CONFAD through teachings on giving this year.

Nkhata made the remark when CONFAD chairperson, Francis Mzumara said many circuits in the conference are failing to complete their church assessment which is a major challenge for the council to collect enough money in church.

“I sacrifice myself to leave other jobs to teach people on giving so that this may not be a counted as a challenge in future,” said Nkhata.

Kalondola Nkhata has been an evangelist in the country since 1984 and he promises to support in making disciples of Jesus Christ in the Malawi United Methodist Church starting from thisyear.

Story By John Nyadaufe
Lilongwe Baptist Centre, Malawi

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