Saturday, July 07, 2012

Pastors' children given hope of continued scholarship

Mrs Motera Mhone responding to the question. Picture taken By John Nyadaufe

Mr Daniel Kabunduli Nkhata Presenting the report in the house (John Nyadaufe Picture)
The first session of the Malawi Provisional Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church gives hope for continued education for pastors’ children as leaders agreed to source scholarships for them to continue their studies.

Presenting the 2011 to 2012 report to the annual conference, the Connectional Secretary Mr Daniel Kabunduli Nkhata said the women department will continue to support Pastors’ children who do not have adequate financial backing. The conference voted unanimously for the idea.

Commenting on the issue in the house, the Conference Women President, Moty Mhone said the program will help children especially girls who lacks financial support among pastors.

 “The scholarship will help pastors’ children who cannot afford to pay for their own ” said Mhone

Mrs Cecilia Kambona, a wife to Pastor Ephraim Kambona said the scholarship is a good development. “it will improve the level of education among Pastors children. I will also induce encouragement to pusue education among the beneficiaries” said Mrs Kambona.

Agreeing with Kambona was Pastor Peter Nethulu of Madisi circuit. He said most pastors children are not educated. “Many circuits fail to sponsor their pastors. This affects the educational life of their children in tht they can not get good and quality education” said Nethulu.

Advising the beneficiaries Kambona said the children receiving the scholarship should respond to the chance with hard work. “I always tell my daughter the children to work hard in school because opportunities like these are rare” said Kambona.

Nethulu concurred with Kambona saying the scholarship should be a source of encouragement to the children. “The children should not take the opportunity for granted” said Nethulu.

Both Nethulu and Kambona thank god for the opportunity of the scholarship that was an answer to the prayers of many people.

In conclusion the scholarship will improve the educational welfare of pastors” children. It will help pastors to minister the word of God without hassles.

Story by Noel Kumwenda
Lilongwe Baptist centre, Malawi

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