Monday, October 29, 2012

Six Motorcycles for Six Circuits

Edgar Luken, Malawi UMC Missionary

29th October, 2012


Traveling to the far ends of their Circuits has always been and will always be the toughest challenge for our pastors in the fields who serve up to 20 preaching points.

Now six out of 22 Circuits have received some relief for their pastors.
One of our partners in the USA, the Church of Resurrection (COR), donated the funds for purchasing strong Suzuki motorcycles.
All Malawi UMC pastors and a COR delegation were present at the roll-out of the motorcycles  last week in Lilongwe.

In a brief ceremony at the suppliers’ branch in the Capital, the people present expressed their overwhelming gratitude: towards our Lord who has brought us thus far, and towards each other in His vineyard.
It is our sincere prayer that our Lord may always protect the driving on rough paths and may turn the blessing of few into a blessing for many.

Pastors admiring their new motorcycles

Pastors posing with the new motorbike

Pastor Rose Chitsonga can afford a smile after a new motor bike

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